PartnerHacker Daily #211: The Path to Growth

Partner led product + product led growth

Companies that build integrations, APIs, and ecosystems first AND build free easy to use/share products for individual users will win the future of B2B SaaS.

It's the combo no one's talking about.

Customers don't just want great products. They want tools that will help them solve their problems.

You won't win customers if you build your product in a silo. You need to make it easy for your products to interoperate with other products.

Make it easy for your customers to use your product with the other tools in their ecosystem. This is the path toward growth.

The PartnerHacker Education Hub is Live!!

Did you hear our announcement at PL[X]? Our Education Hub is LIVE!

We partnered up with Firneo, Partnernomics, and SaaSy Sales Leadership to highlight the best education in partnerships - all from one convenient place (powered by PartnerFleet).

Whether you are new to partnerships, or a seasoned pro, these courses will up your game.

Go get your learnin' on. Check it out!

Partnership basics with Jessie Shipman

The latest podcast of Taking the Lead featured all things partnerships with Jessie Shipman of Fluincy.

Jessie shared her circuitous path to partnerships. She learned partnerships along the way through her career path. She went from K-12 teacher, to barista, to IT pro, to partner pro, to entrepreneur.

Jessie dropped a lot of knowledge in this pod and succinctly defined partnerships as:

"Two or more companies working together to bring a joint value to a customer or a set of customers that doesn't exist without that partnership." 🎤👇 

Check it out:


Image of the Day

Seabrook and Aunt Bessie partner on potatoe chips
Next-level partnership. Seabrook Crisps Ltd & Aunt Bessie's ❤️. Thanks for the image Dylan Connor Fernandez.

Share the PhD

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Screenshot of plx recordings.
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