PartnerHacker Daily #214: Focus on the Market

Living in market > targeting the market

A good marketer focuses on the market, not marketing.

Marketing is something you do to your targets. It’s a unilateral attack. The framing and phrasing are all wrong. People don’t want to be marketed to.

Your market is something you’re a part of.

Our job is to participate in and create value with and for the individuals and companies in our market. To join, start, encourage, highlight, and enhance conversations that create value for the members of the ecosystem.

Call it content, call it community, call it events, call it whatever you want. At the end of the day, it’s about being a part of your market, serving it, and participating in conversations that add value.

When we work together with partners, we strive to live-in-market, we never have to Go-to-Market.

When you do, you won’t need to market products at people. You won’t need to cram them into a funnel. When they have problems you can solve, they’ll come to you for help.

Who’s with me?

New partner pod episodes

Check out the latest podcast episodes from PartnerUp, Howdy, Partners!, Audio Articles, and our newest pod The PartnerHacker Audio Experience!

Mark Brigman joins the PartnerUp crew LIVE at PL[X] to talk about tapping into the power of the ecosystem. Listen to episode 85 here.
Screenshot of Howdy Partner on spotify
Join the Howdy Partners crew as they discuss making strategic partnerships. (click image to play)
Screenshot of spotify player. Micro-learning best practices.
Jessie Shipman talks about how to use micro-learning to enhance partner learning retention. (click image to play)
screenshot of spotify player playing The PartnerHacker Audio experience
How Do World Class PMs Support Agency Partnerships? (click image to play)

The 2023 State of the Partner Ecosystem

Each quarter, Crossbeam releases its State of the Partner Ecosystem Report. In it, they crunch data to produce a ton of powerful insights like:

  • Fair compensation for your role.
  • The best way to structure your team's KPIs.
  • The resources and headcount needed to perform your best.

To get the report 1 week before everyone else + salary data before the end of the year, which you can use in your year-end reviews, fill out this survey.

Partnerships in the Wild

Screenshot of email from snapcall focused on Zendesk
An email from SnapCall focused on Zendesk!

Share the PhD

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Screenshot of the on-demand European Partner Moment recordings.
Click the image to watch the on-demand European Partner Moment recordings.
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