PartnerHacker Daily #215: First Principles to Get Through Winter

Well this seems big

Better get ready, be steady, and build a robust ecosystem of support.

Winter Isn’t Coming, It’s Here - Salesforce not Comfy Giving Guidance Amid Uncertainty
If you thought the market was cooling off a bit, you weren’t entirely right. It’s cooling off a lot. Or at least we think so? Probably? Jason Lemkin recently posted that for the first time ever, Salesforce, who David Sacks called the “bellweather of SaaS”, decided not to provide any

Get back to the foundations

More often than not your audience doesn’t need a step-by-step guide. They need first principles.

I call this the “three C’s.”

1. They need to light the flame of their own curiosity.

2. Spark new courage to push through their own unknown.

3. And conviction that, no matter what lies ahead, they have a fundamentally sound foundation for the infinite curveballs unique to their own time, business, place, and myriad other factors.

I’d rather teach a team how to apply 10 unshakeable principles 10,000 times, than try to teach them 10,000 permutations for how to handle every scenario they may face.

A priori must complement the data-drowned a posteriori world we live in. And passion for your helping your audience unlock true wisdom?

Well, there’s nothing better than that.

Maybe TV has something useful to teach after all (sorry mom!)

During the PL[X] Summit, Nathan Latka kicked of the entire event with a bang.

His presentation talked about the three most engaging formats for telling any story, or creating any content. Weirdly, each of them is the format for popular TV shows.

This stuff is so relevant - and not just to marketers. Anytime you are communicating a narrative or trying to rally people to your vision (ahem, partners!), this structure and these principles apply.

Here's a quick synopsis video we threw together:

Screenshot of Nathan Latka video on conten marketing.
Nathan Latka explains how to use content marketing like podcasting to connect with your audience. "If your podcast is as boring as hell, no one's gonna listen." - Nathan Latka. (click the image to play the video)

Quote of the Day

Partnerships are basically just working with another organization to build something that people want! - Adam Michalski at PL[X]

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Screenshot of the on-demand European Partner Moment recordings.
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