PartnerHacker Daily #216: My Partner's Partners

Your partner's partner

The other day, I was asked a question about building a new partner program that needed to significantly increase performance over the course of two years.

Here's what I said:

1) Partner with your partners' partners.

Get intros to their partners. It will be easier to initiate conversations and build rapport when you bring everyone together.

2) Find existing value, then tell a story.

Find the quick wins. Do an overlap with Reveal or Crossbeam on:

  • Your customers <> Their customers
  • Your prospects <> Their customers
  • Your customers <> Their prospects

After developing a joint value proposition, dive into how that JVP helps them and create a compelling story around that.

3) Test and iterate. Do a debrief after each activity with each partner.

PartnerHacker Ed Hub is LIVE!

The PartnerHacker Education Hub is LIVE!

We partnered up with Firneo, Partnernomics, and SaaSy Sales to bring you the best education in partnerships - all from one convenient place (powered by Partner Fleet).

Whether you are new to partnerships, or a seasoned pro, these courses will up your game.

Check out the latest interview with one of the Profs from the Ed Hub, Mark Brigman, PhD:

The Science of Partnerships with Mark Brigman
We recently announced the PartnerHacker Education Hub. Our Education Hub is the place to go if you want to learn more about partnerships. We’ve vetted the best courses on partnerships and put them in one convenient place. I sat down with Mark Brigman, Ph.D., SPLP, CEO of Partnernomics, to

All those weird words in one place

Have you ever spent time googling to find out what one of those three-letter acronyms means like ICP, ISV, IPP, JVP? If you need a refresher, check out Kiflo's Glossary for Channel Partnerships.

Your go-to glossary for channel partnerships. From Kiflo

Image of the Day

Daniel Lancioni shared two GTM models. Which one do you embrace?

Share the PhD

Know someone who needs to get their PhD in partnerships? Send ‘em this newsletter.

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