PartnerHacker Daily #217: Throw the First Dart

Get accurate first, then get precise

I saw this image in an issue of the FLUX Review:

It’s a great visualization of the difference between accuracy and precision.

Accuracy is how close to reality a measurement is, and precision is how close measurements are to each other.

Both are valuable, but there is a distinct order of operations needed.

Get accurate first. Then get precise.

If you go for precision first, you’ll spend a lot of time dialing in your measurements, ensuring there’s sound logic, ensuring you can accurately capture data down to the decimal, and setting up systems to do so.

The scope of your activities will get restricted and locked in based on the needs of the measurements.

Then you go out into the real world and experience a really tight grouping far away from the target, like the second image above.

Better is to just throw the first dart.

Now you’ve got a baseline.

You can see how accurate or inaccurate your efforts are. You can adjust the efforts to increase accuracy. After you’ve gotten close to enough the target, you can start to work on precision and tighten your grouping.

The other way around just doesn’t work.

So rather than plotting out detailed OKRs and KPIs and hoping they’re relevant before you get out into the market, go do some stuff first. Throw some darts and base your plans and goals, and measurements around the baseline of what you find.


Partnership integrations

Our own Head of Partnerships, Will Taylor, wrote the forward to Alloy's latest report on integrations. The report features stats, metrics, and words of wisdom from experts across the partnerships ecosystem.

Check it out:

Partnership experts tell-all in th Alloy integrations report
Click the image to read the report.

#12DaysofNearbound contest is rolling...

There's still time to submit your Nearbound-themed Christmas song for a chance to win a special gift basket from Reveal. Check out this submission from Jessie Shipman.

Screenshot of Jessie Shipman's Nearbound-themed Christams song.
Click the image to read the rest of this sure-to-be classic Nearbound-themed Christmas song!

Meme of the Day

Meme. Marketing teams: wear are going to spend half our annual budget for this campaign. Me, who just launch a co-markteting campaign for free (eyes looking around).
Thanks for the meme Allbound!

Get that dart near the target

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