PartnerHacker Daily #219: Most Offers Suck

When is an 'offer' actually an ask?

We need remedial education on what an "offer" is.

Got a DM on Twitter "offering" me a 45-minute consultation (aka sales) call.

That's a cost to me, not a benefit. That's like "offering" me to pay you money.

The best offers don't cost the other party anything. The best offers aren't questions that demand answers, time, and effort.

We have a team value at PartnerHacker: "I did" > "We should".

The same applies to sales and marketing.

An offer that's structured like, "We should connect", or, "Would you want an X?" are inferior to offers like, "I made this for you", or, "Here's something you might like."

An offer is a give. Give them something, don't ask them for something!

(Occasionally, a question can be a give, e.g. asking someone to tell you about something they're passionate about, share their expertise, etc. Offering your ear, not asking them to listen to you.)

People don't want more meetings. They don't want to fill out more forms. These are costs, not benefits. Don't "offer" people costs.

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Quote of the Day

"For every dollar spent on Microsoft, it generates 10 dollars for their partners." - Daniel Lancioni at The European Partner Moment.

Here's an offer...

Offer the PhD to a friend! Our experience shows they will thank you later. ;-)

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