PartnerHacker Daily #220: Partnerships Isn't a Department

Partner led everything

Would the success of the partnerships moment mean the death of Partnerships departments?

Maybe, maybe not. It's not really that important.

What is important is not assuming because you have a Partnerships org that partnerships are being fully leveraged.

There's no way they can because partnerships isn't a role, title, department, or person. They are a strategy for EVERY department.

Add partners.

Add partners.

Add partners.

Add partners.

Add partners.

When you leverage the Nearbound value in your ecosystem, it's like adding steroids (or maybe some kind of natural B12 and protein supplement;-) to every single strategy, effort, and department.

Think about how and who you can pull into every effort with you! PartnerUp to maximize the ROI on every resource you have.

Vote on your favorite Nearbound-themed Christmas Carol

12 Days of Nearbound Christmas Carol
Vote on your favorite Nearbound-themed Christmas Carol.

Over the past 12 days, we received submissions for the #12DaysofNearbound Christmas Carol Contest and we need you to vote on a winner.

Head over to the LinkedIn poll below to make your vote! The winner will receive an exclusive gift basket from Reveal. We'll announce the winner in tomorrow's PhD.

12 Days of Nearbound Christmas Carol Voting
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Partner led marketing

Our co-founders, Isaac Morehouse and Jared Fuller, were recently on the Affiliate Marketing Podcast with Le-Ann Johnstone to talk about partner led marketing.

In the podcast, they talk about:

  • The importance of building trust in your brand
  • The affiliate’s place in the partnership economy (it may surprise you for B2B!)
  • Key points to address before gearing up as a start-up
  • The importance of putting your partnerships first
Affiliate marketing podcast splash image
Click the image to listen to the podcast.

Meme of the Day

Maybe I'll just build a big vision then meme.
Thanks for the meme Jessie Shipman!

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