PartnerHacker Daily #221: Building in Drops, Losing in Buckets

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A foundation built on trust

Trust is at an all-time low. We've been targeted and sold to ad nauseam.

Customers have been shoved down one too many funnels. We get ads that we never asked for. Data helped to target us, but too much data polluted the waters.

The only way out is through meaningful relationships built on trust.

Read more about building trust in a PartnerHacker Principles interview with Jessie Shipman.

Flex your trust muscle

If you lose trust, you're done.

Take the recent example of the social influencer who goes by the name Liver King.

He made a name for himself by telling others they could get healthy, fit, and shredded like him, by eating copious amounts of animal organs (or the desiccated organ pills he sells).

It turns out, he failed to mention that he also takes large amounts of steroids πŸ’‰πŸ€£.

Positive comments used to flood his social feed. Now his feed is filled with comments about how he lost trust.

Building trust is difficult, losing it is easy.

"Yes, of course liver gives you veins 1" in diameter."


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Quote of the Day

β€œTrust is built in drops and lost in buckets.” – Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armor sportswear company.

The PhD is better than steroids

Like the PhD? Send it to someone you trust. Hit 'em with that morning partner pill. They will get absolutely swole with partner knowledge.*

*Partner pills are not FDA approved but have been rigorously tested on partner leaders in the market.

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