PartnerHacker Daily #222: Winter is Here

It's getting cold out there

For the first time ever, SalesForce said that the markets are too turbulent to publish a forecast for 2023.

The fact is, winter is here and nobody cares about making it through more than you.

You must work harder because you already know nobody cares as much as you do.

To get the flywheel in motion, YOU have to give it a shove. It's a flywheel, not a perpetual motion gimmick.

Don't be a victim this winter. When you work hard and give first, you set an example for the kinds of people you want to work with.

When you go first, others will follow.

Work harder AND smarter

Look, it's getting tough out there. It’s brutal. But, what would it look like if we went to market together with partners, if we built and co-innovated with partners? – Isaac Morehouse on the Partner Channel Podcast

Our CMO and co-founder, Isaac Morehouse was on the Partner Channel Podcast from Allbound.

Tori Barlow and Isaac explored the idea that partnerships isn't a department, but a strategy that emanates through ALL departments.

They talk about using partnerships as a strategic lever to boost your entire org.

The Partner Channel Podcast | Season 2, Episode 34 - Allbound


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Image of the Day

Partner led content creation
Mary Keough embracing the PartnerHacker Principle: Never Market Alone

Help your friends get through the winter, share the PhD

It's cold out there. Don't go it alone. Send the PhD to a friend who needs a bit of warmth. Nothing better than cuddling up on the couch with a warm cup of partner principles!

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