PartnerHacker Daily #225: Build for the Rainy Day

It starts with understanding your partner

Partnering starts with understanding who you want to partner with and what's most important to them. It's not just about your joint customers.

Bringing value to customers is table stakes. There needs to be something more.  

You need to ask, what's in it for your partner? Find something your partners need and build it.

If you want to land the White Whale of partnerships, you must give value first.

How Ben Wright used his ecosystem to open two windows when a door closed

Two weeks ago, Ben Wright found himself without a job, caught up in the flurry of recent lay-offs. Now, he's been hired for TWO strategic advisor roles.

How? He used the power of his ecosystem to level-up. Over the past few years, Ben embraced the give-first mentality.  

Here's how:

  • He interacts with others on LinkedIn
  • He writes a valuable newsletter aimed at his network
  • He freely shares his knowledge online and at webinars

Check out the full story about Ben from Daniel Lancioni:

Daniel Lancioni on LinkedIn: #socialselling #community #networking
I have proof that social selling works! My evidence 🔎... Ben Wright 👈 Two weeks ago, Ben was caught up in the layoff pandemic 👉 Fast-forward to now..…


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Meme of the Day

meme. Man with firehose to face with caption: partnership leaders trying to close out EOY strong and still focus on your a1 and a2 intitatives
Thanks for the meme Gary Gower.

Strengthen those ties

Get your friends connected to the PhD. Then you can talk about it over drinks. It's a great convo starter!

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