PartnerHacker Daily #226: Seen and Unseen Costs

What's hiding behind those missing integrations?

When we make a big sale, we celebrate 🎉!

But do we celebrate customers who don't churn with the same enthusiasm?

Do we even notice the customers who never considered buying our product due to our lack of integrations?

To do a true cost/benefit calculation, we need to look at the hidden costs as well as the hidden benefits of every decision. To really calculate the ROI of integrations, you've got to include the cost of not doing it.

Check out the most recent Sunday Story in partnership with Paragon, The Unseen Cost of Not Integrating.

Building the flywheel starts with your partners

"Establishing consistent two-way partner communication can be the difference between settling and growth." – Gary Sabin

We all want it to build the elusive flywheel. But where do we start?

Gary Sabin explains how building the flywheel starts with your partners. Whether you are just starting to build a product or establishing and expanding development, your partners need to be included in the process.

Read more about building the flywheel with your partners, or watch the video from PL[X] below.


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Meme of the Day

John Goodman Integration Partnerships Meme. Picture of Goodman with Gun, captions says: "Am I the only one who looks at the hidden cost of failing to integrate?
Take a look at the whole picture before you do your calculations.

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