PartnerHacker Daily #227: Partner Led Marketing

What's better than an ad?

The best marketing is not an ad with great copy. It's real people who don't work for you saying great stuff about you truthfully.

You get this from building trust and highlighting those who use your service.

Great partner led marketing is not the type of thing that you can formulate in advance to generate more posts. Instead of formulas, focus on your core principles, like building trust and making your customers famous.

If this is too abstract for you, here's a concrete example of how great partnerships lead to the best marketing.

Invest in your education

Our PartnerHacker Education Hub is up and running. Greg Wasserman recently took one of the courses offered by Firneo.

He wrote a review of the course on LinkedIn, sharing some of his biggest takeaways. Check it out:

Greg Wasserman's review of Firneo's partnerships
Check out Greg's entire post on LinkedIn. (Click the image to read Greg's post)


  • Partner Ecosystem Kickoff - January 17 - Let's dive into some tactics to make 2023 the best year in the history of partnerships. Don't miss this half-day event. Pre-register here.
  • Amplify Summit - January 17-18 - Affiliate Insider's two-day virtual event where you can learn everything you need to start your affiliate program. Save your seat for free here!

Quote of the Day

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. – Derek Bok

PS - Partner Marketers hanging out

If you want to join a monthly, informal 1-1 speed networking hangout for partner marketers, shoot me (Isaac) an email and I'll add you to the invite.

Click the image to register.
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