PartnerHacker Daily #230: Balance Your Automation

Use partner tech to enhance your relationships

Automation can alienate others, but when used judiciously it can enhance your partner relationships. Automation helps us unleash the full potential of the ecosystem.

Automation helps us get through the boring, tedious tasks so that we can focus on the things we do best – building genuine relationships.

The key is to find a balance and automate the least human tasks and humanize the rest.

Learn more about finding a balance and harnessing the power of your partner tech stack.

Never market alone

"First, it was internal partnerships. I partnered with other HubSpot employees to help bring to life this idea of better educating our customers, adding more value to the customer experience teaching them things. It was a content camp, and then it eventually became HubSpot Academy." – Mark Kilens

We're continuing our PartnerHacker Principles interviews by looking at the meaning behind the principles. We recently spoke with  Mark Kilens, CMO of Airmeet about the principle: Never Market Alone.

Mark believes that partner led marketing is fundamental to his success and HubSpot and Airmeet.

Check out the full article:

PartnerHacker Principles: Never Market Alone - with Mark Kilens
This week, we kicked-off a series of articles focused on the PartnerHacker Principles. We reached out to our ecosystem to talk with those who embody the PartnerHacker principles to find out how they put them into practice. (Read the first article about Trust is the New Data with Jessie Shipman)


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  • Amplify Summit - January 17-18 - Affiliate Insider's two-day virtual event where you can learn everything you need to start your affiliate program. Save your seat for free here!

Meme of the Day

Meme. Q4 landscape on fire. Easy chair, seller who figured out partnerships in Q1.
Thanks for the meme Jessie Shipman!

Enjoy your weekend!

Oh, and share PhD with your friends. ;-)

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