PartnerHacker Daily #232: Fudge Room

Ecosystems have layers

How Buildings Learn is a fascinating book. I'm going to have more to share as I keep reading it, but here's a tidbit to chew on today.

A building is an ecosystem. The layers of that system move at different speeds. Furniture and stuff get moved around weekly or monthly. Floor plans and partitions change every few years or so. Services like electrical, plumbing, and appliances get updated or swapped about once a decade. The outer shell of siding, roofing, windows, and doors change less frequently. The structure - joists, trusses, and load-bearing walls - only in extreme circumstances. Finally the site, which includes the lot and foundation, almost never changes.

The key to a healthy building that can adapt as technology, fashion, and function change is allowing the layers with their differing time scales to interact smoothly.

This demands fudge room.

In other words, the architects and designers can't treat their layer as if it has solved everything and never needs to give way to the other layers.

The ecosystems you are a part of are no different. Whatever layers you're solving for must recognize the need to flex and adjust to the shifting needs and time scales of the others.

Leave some fudge room.

One team, one ecosystem

Your partners are your teammates. So, the question is, where can we bring more value? – Jennifer Richey

Jennifer Richey recently shared her partnership knowledge in the Greatest Minds in Partnerships on Kiflo's blog. Jennifer is the Senior Director of Ecosystems at Vena Solutions.

She says that to work as a team, you must let go of all sense of defensiveness. You need to pick a shared goal and build relationships around that goal. Be curious and ask questions about what is important to your partner.

The interview with Jennifer is in-depth and provides insight into building an amazing partner program.

Read the full interview here:

One Team, One Ecosystem: A Conversation With Jennifer Richey
Learn from Jennifer Richey, Senior Director of Ecosystem, about how Vena Solutions empowers their teams and partners with a one-team mentality.


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Meme of the Day

Partner meme. Milton form The Office: I was told there would be quality at scale.

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