PartnerHacker Daily #233: Make 'Em Famous

Get the reciprocal flywheel in motion

One of our PartnerHacker Principles is: Make Them Famous. When you focus on others instead of yourself, things start to happen.

You'll notice that partners will feel the need to reciprocate. Partners want to give back.

The trick is – you have to make the first move. So dip your toe in the water and test it out. Rather than highlighting yourself, try highlighting your partners. You'll be surprised at where it takes you.

Unlikely book recs

Today's book rec is from Aaron Olson.

A favorite book of mine is called The Handicap Principle: A Missing Piece of Darwin's Puzzle by Amotz & Avishag Zahavi. The authors spent their lives studying communication among birds and other animals. They believe traits like the peacock's tail signals fitness because it is a trait that has a massive cost.

peacock flying.
The peacock's tail is a handicap and a reliable display of fitness. (photo credit)

The handicap hypothesis says that if a peacock can afford to grow such an enormous tail (which slows him down) then he must be a very fit individual. Despite his large tail (handicap), he can still fly and evade predators.

There are dozens of examples of animals showing handicaps in nature that I never realized until reading this book. The authors also give examples of how humans signal fitness by displaying handicaps.

Think of kids playing tag. Often, there will be one very athletic kid who teases the tagger. He runs next to the tagger, but just out of reach. The athletic kid sends a signal that says: "I'm so fit that even though I'm right next to you (taking on a handicap), you still can't tag me."

The book reminded me of the importance of sending positive signals to those I interact with. Principles like the first giver advantage come to mind.

Once I realized the importance of signals, I became more cognizant of the good vibes I want to send when interacting with others.


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Image of the Day

Netflix/White Claw Crack the Claw Murder Mystery Game
Netflix partnered up with White Claw to create a limited-edition murder mystery game called "Crack the Claw". (ref: Marketing Dive).

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