PartnerHacker Daily #235: Radical Generosity

How do you create a culture of generosity?

Make sure that people who work for you understand that helping others adds value, even if there's no immediate impact. – Rob Rebholz

Building radical generosity is one of the core PartnerHacker Principles. You won't always see how radical generosity add to your short term ROI, but in the long run generosity pays off in spades.

Being generous is a costly signal – it shows you actually care. To be generous you need to do more than just pay lip service to the principle, you need to find out what it means for each interaction.

Play the long game by building radical generosity into the fiber of your work culture. It takes a shift in mindset, but pays off down the road.

Read more about what it takes to build radical generosity into your company culture.

Don't market alone

Why have podcasts worked so well? Because they leverage the power of others.

It's not just you talking into a microphone, it's you interviewing others. When you leverage the power of other people, you can grow faster than you ever could alone.

Check out Peter Caputa's post on how to market better together.

Peter Caputa Don't Market Alone Screenshot
Check out Peter's full post here.


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Meme of the Day

Meme. Therapist asks his patient: "Are the leads in the room with us now?"
Thanks for the meme Franz-Josef Schrepf (FJS)

Show some generosity

Share the PhD with your fellow partner pros.

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