PartnerHacker Daily #236: Get This Party Started

Ain't no party like a partner party

Join us on January 17 for the Partner Ecosystem Kickoff.

We're getting together with partner pros to take a macro look at 2023, then dive into some tactics to make this the best year in the history of partnerships.

It'll be a jam-packed, no holds barred event for those working in the partner ecosystem.


The archaeology of community

A recent PartnerUp convo with Pavillion's Kathleen Booth uncovered a connection between archaeology and community.

Community is surprisingly hard to define. We talk a lot about living in and building partner communities, but how do you know when you have one? Are there tangible signs? We've all experienced dead communities and thriving ones. But can you measure that?

Archaeologists have some rules of thumb. Vibrant communities tend to generate artifacts that outlive them. That's what allows them to be uncovered and studied later.

Is your community producing artifacts? Is there tangible evidence of their existence and activities that someone hundreds of years from now could stumble upon? Words, phrases, or unique forms?

It's a good question to help you find out if the community is real or just a Slack channel no one cares about.

Kindness matters

Sam Jacobs's new book, Kind Folks Finish First, made it to the Wall Street Journal's bestseller list. Sam was one of our keynote speakers at PL[X], where he shared his heartfelt story about how leading with kindness helped him win in business.

Jacobs explains the lessons that ultimately made him capable of building Pavilion. His belief that Kind Folks Finish First isn’t just a feel-good message, it’s a truth built into the natural flow of the universe, and he had to learn it the hard way.

Check out our full review here:

Kind Folks Finish First: An Anthem For A New Era of Business
In 2017, Sam Jacobs was fired for the third time, but this time, he swore it would be the start of a new chapter. His commitment wasn’t hollow and just three years later, he had created Pavilion, the biggest professional community in the world. In this inspiring book, Sam


  • Partner Ecosystem Kickoff - January 17 - Let's dive into some tactics to make 2023 the best year in the history of partnerships. Don't miss this half-day event. Pre-register here.
  • Amplify Summit - January 17-18 - Affiliate Insider's two-day virtual event where you can learn everything you need to start your affiliate program. Save your seat for free here!

Meme of the Day

Meme: Brace yourselves, the partner ecosystem kickoff is coming

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