PartnerHacker Daily #240: Seek First to Understand

Simple, yes. Easy, no.

If you want to land a big partnership, ask: "What's most important to my partner's business?"

You need to understand your partner's needs. And the only way to understand their needs is to be curious.

Partnering isn't just about your joint customer. It's a common mistake to focus on the customer alone.

Focus on what's in it for the partner. Find their most important metric and figure out how you can make an impact.

Overcoming partnership obstacles

"Building partnerships isn’t a problem that needs solving; it’s a solution to the problems you already have." – Eric Sangerma

You'll face a lot of obstacles in partnerships. Learning how to overcome them is paramount to making partnerships work.

Eric Sangerma shares his experience of addressing partner pain points and solving them. Check it out:

Three Internal Obstacles You’ll Face as Head of Partnerships — And How You Can Conquer Them
Over the past year, I’ve immersed myself in the partnerships community. I learned that the fractured and individualistic way we’ve been doing business isn’t sustainable. I pored over the statistics, exchanged insights and experiences, and started building relationships with potential partners. In t…


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Video of the Day

Screenshot from Danila Garcia's video about the science of partnering.
Next time someone asks you about partnerships, just send them this video about the science of partnering 🤣. Thanks Daniela for the video!

Share the science of partnerships

Share the PhD. It's science. Can't argue.

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