PartnerHacker Daily #242: What If You Didn't Have a Budget?

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The budgetless org: a thought experiment

You just got the news.

Your department's new budget for the year is zero.

In reality, you'd probably be looking for a new job. But play along. Imagine what you might try if you had to generate the revenue to pay for your activities.

What if you treated all of your actions like products? Every piece of content, event, campaign, and initiative. Who are they valuable to, besides your company? Who would be willing to pay to partner with you on them?

Often in partnerships, there isn't direct monetary exchange for activities. This makes sense because you're investing in a longer-term outcome that will financially benefit both sides. It also makes it hard to tell what stuff is most valuable.

Imagining you have to generate revenue for each activity forces you to think about who you're creating value for. It can help you focus your efforts.

What's the difference between community, conversation, connection and collaboration?

Partner pros got into an interesting convo on LinkedIn about the differences between community, conversation, connection, and collaboration.

Maybe it's just semantics, but I think there's something useful in finding the best language and models to think about this stuff.

Partnership Leaders' Asher Matthew got it started with this post:

Asher Mathew LinkedIn screencap
Asher alludes to the killer combo of convo + connection
Screencap. Shawn Li comment on LinkedIn
Shawn Li kept the convo rolling with the "c's"
screencap of Isaac Morehouses comment on linkein.
Chicken or egg?


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Quote of the Day

"Community is a very organic thing. There is a grassroots element to it of self-organization... It can't be entirely top-down; it has to also be bottom-up and, and also horizontal. There need to be shared values... That is the magic of a great community." – Kathleen Booth, PartnerUp #91

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