PartnerHacker Daily #243: Partnerships Hold the Most Valuable Real Estate

The most valuable real estate on the internet (The Zoom Meeting UI) is now filled with partner logos BY DEFAULT

If you've opened Zoom recently, you'll have noticed the partner logos that show up onscreen. With the average worker spending 21.5 hrs per week on Zoom, that makes this screen the most valuable real estate around.

The fact that Zoom decided to slap partner logos on the most valuable real estate is a huge sign that partnerships are the path forward. This move is a MAJOR signal that in a down economy, partnerships hold the key to growth.

Jared Fuller showing zoom's new update with essential partner apps.
Zoom's new update prominently displays essential partner apps to increase productivity and signal their not just a product but a platform ecosystem.

Collaborate on more stuff

James Carbary embraces the PartnerHacker principle: never market alone. Why market alone, when you can share the reach and share the cost of marketing together? Not only do you gain more reach, but it's more fun too!

Check out his LinkedIn post on B2B media creation:

Screen cap. Never market alone. James Carbary LinkedIn post.
James Carbary understands the principle of never marketing alone.

(Dad) Joke of the Day

Screeshot of Isaac Morehouse's dad joke.
Our Chief Market Officer has gone to LinkedIn looking for validation, since no one in the PartnerHacker Slack laughs at his jokes.

Share the PhD, we're not kiddin'

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