PartnerHacker Daily #245: Journey to the Promised Land

Partner with those who've been where you want to go

You need to partner with someone who's been to the Promised Land.

There's a lot of fakery out there. People espousing tips, tricks, and advice, but many have never really been to where you want to go.

If you are selling to a CIO and you've never been a CIO, then you better partner with someone who has. You don't have to be a genius to figure this out, but you do have to connect to the right people who can help you travel to the Promised Land.

Lack of partnerships causes chaos for Southwest airlines

The recent slough of snowy weather caused havoc for several airlines, but nothing on par with the magnitude of that experienced by Southwest. Southwest had 60x the number of flights cancelled as other airlines.

The reason?

They failed to partner up.

Other airlines have partnerships allowing passengers to hop aboard a partners flight if theirs is cancelled. But Southwest failed to build the ecosystem required for such partnerships to help in times of need.

The lesson? Build partnerships to weather the storm.

Quote of the Day

"We see collaboration, not exclusivity, as the best way to advance the technology and build a quantum industry." – DARÍO GIL, IBM

Weather the storm with partners

Getting through a storm is better partners. Send ‘em this newsletter to help weather the economic storm.

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