PartnerHacker Daily #246: Get the Hay in the Barn

Use genuine connection to win the long game

When you use your humanity to reach out to partners, you build social capital in a way that can't be achieved through automation alone.

As you plant seeds in conversations, your ecosystem grows. Like a farmer working in the fields, your work takes time and diligence.

When harvest time eventually comes, you'll be able to draw on the social capital you've built.

This week, spend time living-in-market. Meet with partners. Create relationships for the long run. They're the most valuable resource you'll ever build.

Don't #pitchslap – create connections

"If you haven't lived and breathed what you're selling, it's ok because you can leverage the power of those who have and connect with them to create value." – Jill Rowley, at the Partner Ecosystem Kickoff

Greg Wasserman had an excellent summary of some of the talks given last week at the Partner Ecosystem Kickoff.

He broke down talks from Jill Rowley on helping others get to their promised land; Scott Barker on having employees create meaningful connections; and Logan Lyles talking about the power of creating content together.

Check out Greg's summary of the event:

A Passage to the Promised Land
How do we help others reach the promised land when we haven’t been there? - Jill Rowley The Partner Ecosystem Kickoff was an incredible event put on by PartnerHacker & PartnerStack on 1/17. I couldn’t make it to all of the presentations, but here are my takeaways from the

Master partnership management

Justin Zimmerman is giving away a $1,500 scholarship to Firneo's partnership management mastery course, and Firneo is paying the rest of the tab for one deserving person.

All you need to do is comment on his post, telling him why you should win this scholarship. Justin is selecting from comments on Jan 24th.

Justin Zimmerman screenshot of Firneo scholarship
Click the image to comment on Justin's post.

Help us co-author the Partner Sucess Maturity Model!

We've set out to do the impossible – create a model for partnership success. What started as a live LinkedIn learning session, turned into a quest to create the Partner Success Maturity Model.

Stewart Wesley from PartnerPage and our CEO Jared Fuller are creating a model so that you can see how mature your organization is when it comes to partner success.

And we need your help to make it a reality!

Partner maturity model.
A work in progress: The Partner Maturity Model.

Jump in and leave your comments on the Partner Success Maturity Model spreadsheet before February 8th to get your ideas out there and get your name listed as an author.


  • Partner Playbook Meetup - Wednesday, January 25th - Justin Zimmerman is meeting up with Marco De Paulis to walk through the playbook he used to scale his partner program from 0 to $10M+ (in partner sourced revenue) in a brisk 12 months! Register here.
  • State of Channel - Thursday, January 26th 11 AM ET - Join the annual panel discussion chaired by Canalys' Chief Analyst Jay McBain. Register here.

Image of the Day

Rob Rebholz Partnership investing
Thanks for the image Rob Rebholz!

Play the long game, share the PhD

Pick up some PartnerHacker swag just for sharing the PhD. Enter your email on our referral page to get started.

PhD referral reward swag.
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