PartnerHacker Daily #248: Where We're Going, We Definitely Need Roadmaps

Partnerships are a challenge; good, let's dive in

As a partner leader, it's your job to see things differently. Your job is to rearrange resources to provide more value for your customers.

Partnerships isn't for the faint of heart. You need to be willing to take risks and try new things. Yes, there are some best practices, but your job is to literally create new value that didn't exist before.

Don't shy away from the challenge. You're changing the way business is being done.

In 2023, let's dive into partnerships head first.  

Boom! The Partner Ecosystem Roadmap is here

At our Partner Ecosystem Kickoff last week with PartnerStack, Jared Fuller unveiled a massive resource: The Partner Ecosystem Roadmap.

For those of you who weren't there, the comments in the chat completely blew up during the reveal.

This thing is no joke. Try it out, edit it, play around with it, or print it out and put it on your wall.

Check it out for yourself; ungated and totally free:

The Partner Success Maturity Model won't be written in a silo

We want YOU to build the first Partner Success Maturity Model with us.

This model will become the standard for how organizations think about partnering.

Help us coauthor the future of partnership success.

Share your partnership expertise; click here to add your voice before February 8.

Partner maturity model.
A work in progress: The Partner Maturity Model.


  • Vertical SaaS Summit – Today, January 25th - The best minds in Vertical SaaS are getting together to discuss new ways to innovate and grow. Join Mark Kilens, Jared Fuller, and Isaac Morehouse for a discussion about how events can drive growth and build success. Register here.
  • Partner Playbook Meetup – Today, January 25th - Justin Zimmerman is meeting up with Marco De Paulis to walk through the playbook he used to scale his partner program from 0 to $10M+ (in partner-sourced revenue) in a brisk 12 months! Register here.
  • State of Channel –  Thursday, January 26th 11 AM ET - Join the annual panel discussion chaired by Canalys' Chief Analyst Jay McBain. Register here.
  • Kiflo Roundtable: Partner Recruitment – Tuesday, February 7th 2023 - 11:00 AM (CST) – Kick-off 2023 with Kiflo Roundtables. Join Martin Scholz, Justin Zimmerman, and Shawnie Hamer as they tackle partner recruitment. Register here.

Partnerships in the Wild

Bundling with partners at the product marketing level and financial level is true living-in-market.

Paramount is not just bringing leads or selling data to Showtime, they are bringing fully paid customers.

Paramount plus showtime partnership
Also, is Walter White turning into Bob Ross?

Share the roadmap to partner success

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PhD referral reward swag.
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