PartnerHacker Daily #249: Not All Channels Are Partners

Channel vs. partners, what's the difference?

The way we use language makes a difference.

Sometimes there is confusion about channels and partnerships. But it doesn't have to be this way.

The best partners are channels. But not all channels are partners.

A partnership requires mutual buy-in, trust, and added value. Partners work together to solve common customer pains.

Partnerships flourish when the customer's best interest is at the core of the relationship.

H/T to Jessie Shipman for starting this discussion.

Looking to become a partner pro? Firneo is back

Where did you study partnerships? Oh, wait, there's no college degree for that.

You're expected to figure it out on your own. But there's a better way to learn than through trial and error.

Last year, we had a lot of PhD fans who went through Firneo's certified partner professional program. It's an 8-week certification program that teaches you the playbook for creating game-changing partnerships.

At Firneo you'll:

  1. Get hands-on practice with skills like high-stakes negotiations, stakeholder management, partner pipeline reviews, and overcoming obstacles preventing your partnership's success.
  2. Collaborate with peers to work through your challenges and immediately apply what you learn to your job.
  3. Walk a mile in an expert's shoes with interactive case studies based around the real-world experiences of seasoned partnerships leaders from companies like Slack, Shutterstock, Outbrain, Google, and more.

Special offer for PhD subscribers: Get a free 1:1 personalized coaching session with Firneo CEO Scott Pollack (ex-Amex, WeWork) after enrollment.

APPLY before February 10th.

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  • State of Channel - Today, January 26th 11 AM ET - Join the annual panel discussion chaired by Canalys' Chief Analyst Jay McBain. Register here.
  • Kiflo Roundtable: Partner Recruitment – Tuesday, February 7th 2023 - 11:00 AM (CST) – Kick-off 2023 with Kiflo Roundtables. Join Martin Scholz, Justin Zimmerman, and Shawnie Hamer as they tackle partner recruitment. Register here.
  • The Partner Success Maturity Model - Friday, February 10th, 2 - 3:30 PM ET - Kick-back with PartnerPage and PartnerHacker as we unveil the Partner Success Maturity Model, together. Register here.

Meme of the Day

Channels vs partners
Thanks for the meme Jessie Shipman!

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