PartnerHacker Daily #250: Swipe Left

Every no is a yes to another partnership

Hey quick reminder: it's OK to say no to a partnership.

Yeah, you're trying to grow the partner ecosystem. But not every partnership matters.

To partner up with the ones that matter, you've got to say no to the ones that don't.

If it's not a 'hell yes', then make it a no (or at least a 'not yet').

Don't measure what you get, measure what you give

When we build relationships with people we start by bartering in trust. Some of us are generous with that resource upfront and give people room to lose it.

Others start slow and make people earn it over time. However you do it, you do it that way because of your experiences with people, because of how we build a reality for ourselves.

Partnerships between companies work the same way - through people that barter trust. It's why a good partnership hire is worth more - they bring trust with them into the business that is critical for helping your company move the needle.

In Aaron Howerton's weekly column, The Partner Experience Weekly, he dives into how to measure the partner metrics that really matter. Check out the rest of his column:

The Partner Experience Weekly: Measure What You Give
The month of January, for me, has been all about metrics. It started with Architecture - if you can’t track it you can’t measure it and if you can’t get it into the core model you’ll have a hard time scaling. Last week we discussed what I really want -

Help us help you!

We're creating a partner success model that matters – but we need your help.

How mature is your partner success model?

On February 10th we’re unveiling the Partner Success Maturity Model. We're building it with PartnerPage and YOU.

Have you put your thoughts in yet? Click here to coauthor the Partner Success Maturity Model.

Partner maturity model.
A work in progress: The Partner Maturity Model.


  • Firneo Sneak Peak: Learn proven systems for building partnerships that scale – February 2nd, 2023, 12 PM ET - Learn the proven system for building partnerships that scale your company and career. Register here.
  • Kiflo Roundtable: Partner Recruitment – Tuesday, February 7th 2023 - 11:00 AM (CST) – Kick-off 2023 with Kiflo Roundtables. Join Martin Scholz, Justin Zimmerman, and Shawnie Hamer as they tackle partner recruitment. Register here.
  • The Partner Success Maturity Model - Friday, February 10th 2 - 3:30 PM ET - Kick-back with PartnerPage and PartnerHacker as we unveil the Partner Success Maturity Model, together. Register here.

Quote of the Day

We go further and faster when we're marketing together. – Logan Lyles, at the Partner Ecosystem Kickoff

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