PartnerHacker Daily #258: Everything's Better With Partners

We're excited to announce the launch of the Together Network 🎉

It's a network of shows dedicated to employing nearbound strategies in every department.

We've teamed up with talented leaders across B2B for original content highlighting how the best teams drive revenue together.

The first two new shows are for marketing and sales leaders:

Both have weekly podcast episodes, a weekly newsletter, and content across social media to keep the convos going.

Share with the marketing and salespeople in your life!

Introducing the Together Network
Subscribe to both podcasts here.

Create content the partner way

At PartnerHacker, we create a ton of content. It's not always easy.

But do you know what makes it a lot easier?

Partnering up.

We reach out to our partners in the ecosystem to highlight the best stuff happening in partnerships. We are not experts; we're here to highlight your expertise and experience so we can all learn.

When you work with partners, you get better quality and sustainable scale. Going it alone is not the way. 2023 will be the year of partnerships.

Thanks for sharing all the memes, stories, and insights with us. It's time to partner up and win. (Keep 'em coming).

Don't ignore your startup program

It may be tempting to ignore your startup program when the economy is down, but some of those startups will grow up to become your best partners.

Check out Aaron Bailey's thoughts on startup programs:

Jared Fuller left this in the comments:

We're revealing a Partner Success Maturity Model  for all of us! (Thanks to your help)

Have you added your thoughts to the Partner Success Maturity Model?

We want you to coauthor the Partner Success Maturity Model with PartnerPage and us. This framework will be the go-to model for partner success in the future.

Don't miss this opportunity to add your voice!

We'll be unveiling the model on February 10th.

Register here to join us for the reveal event and discussion.

Partner maturity model.
Join us for the unveiling of The Partner Success Maturity Model.


  • The Partner Success Maturity Model - Friday, February 10th 2 - 3:30 PM ET - Kick-back with PartnerPage and PartnerHacker as we unveil the Partner Success Maturity Model, together. Register here.
  • The application window for Firneo's February Cohort closes on February 10thApply now to get a free 1:1 coaching session and ensure your spot to become a certified partner pro.

Image of the Day

Partnership inputs need to be larger than partnership outputs
Instead of outputs - start thinking about your inputs. Thanks for the image Daniel Lancioni!

Partner up, share, get swag

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PhD referral reward swag.
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