PartnerHacker Daily #262: Netflix and Grill

It flows through trust

Over 70% of global trade is indirect. That means partnerships are involved. That means trust is involved.

B2B is awash in data. But data has polluted the waters and we no longer trust it.

The information age is powerful – it's awesome, but there's so much information, it's overwhelming.

We don't need more data; we need more trust.

Focus on using your partner ecosystem to build trust. When we work together across departments and organizations, we build something that turns data into more than noise.

Trust is the base layer in the stack that gives value to all the rest.

Make yourself stand out; become a hyper-scaler

Did you catch Erin Figer on the latest edition of Sell[ing] Together?

Jessie Shipman and Erin Figer geek out on playing the long game and helping your business stand out when co-selling with a hyper-scaler.

Check it out:

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Apple uses the power of the ecosystem to avoid layoffs

Allan Adler points out how Apple uses its
Apple is one of the only big tech companies that avoided layoffs. They're using the power of the ecosystem to power through 2023. Thanks for the insight Allan Adler.


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Partnerships in the Wild

Roku DoorDash partnership
Netflix and grill? Roku partners with DoorDash to get interactive ads streaming to your TV.

Build trust, one PhD at a time

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