PartnerHacker Daily #268: B2B SOS

A new era is being defined TODAY!

Today at noon, we're announcing what's likely to be the biggest news in B2B SaaS partnerships for 2023.

Outbound drove how companies targeted the market.

Inbound drove how companies attracted the market.

And now... Nearbound drives how companies partner WITH the market.

This decade’s winners are driving revenue together, not on their own.

We are on the precipice of a new era...

The era of Nearbound.

Join us today at 12 PM ET.

Come join us for a moment that will define the new era.


B2B needs some serious help

There’s just way too much brand spam out there. Content, ads, and emails that are generic and don’t have any personality.

We don't need any more generic B2B stuff out there.

Try this instead:

  1. Make them famous.
    Don't wait. Make others famous. Be interested.
  2. Learn out loud.
    Don't be afraid to share what you're learning. Share what you're building.
  3. Live-in-market.
    Start the conversation. Leave a comment. Post a new thread. Share ideas. Become known for the value you give.

Let's go from a company-first approach to a people-first approach.

Thanks, Mark Kilens and James Carbary, for inspiring this section of the PhD.

Do partners really want referrals?

Stewart Wesley of PartnerPage says no. If you have a great product/service they'll be happy.

What do you say? Add your voice to the conversation:

Stewart Wesley posts on LinkedIn about partner referrals.
Click the image to leave a comment.


  • Special Event - Today at 12 PM ET - We're unveiling the biggest news in B2B for 2023. Plus, we're releasing the Nearbound Guide to Account Mapping. Register here.
  • Kiflo Roundtable: Driving Partner Meetings - Thursday, March 2nd,  11:00 AM (CST). Register here.

Image of the Day

If FDR could win WWII with a few bullet points, you can simplify those OKRs. Thanks for the image Franz-Josef Schrepf.

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