PartnerHacker Daily #28: Reputation for Integration

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To dominate markets, you can’t just pay attention to competition, you have to pay attention to potential competition. You can’t just focus on current integrations, you have to focus on potential integrations.

Customers think about long-term benefits. Are you an early adopter, or laggard?

They want to associate with products and brands that make them look better, and that don't hold them back from adopting new tech.

They will consider, “How likely is this product to integrate with the new hot thing if it comes out?”

That's why, to win, you have to not just integrate, but maintain a culture and reputation of integration.

Lets get brandy

Customers want an end-to-end solution, and the easiest way to do that is to create a network of partner integrations. But you need more than that. You need a brand.

In the following conversation, Colin Fleming, SVP of Global Brands, Events, and Customer Marketing at Salesforce, explains why brand building is so important.

The Importance of B2B Brand Building
In the latest edition of the “Taking the Long View” series, Salesforce’s Colin Fleming shares why brand building is so crucial to the company’s success.
We found a great study on B2B buying behavior showing that two-thirds of the time, when a business decision-maker purchases software, they already have a brand in mind. And 94% of the time, the buyer ends up sticking with that brand. So if you’re not part of the original consideration set, there’s no way you’re getting bought.

-- Colin Fleming

Meme of the Day

Your reputation

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