PartnerHacker Daily #270: Help Them Dream Big

Well, this is exciting

On Wednesday, at our Nearbound event, we announced that we joined forces with Reveal πŸŽ‰!

The merger is a big bet on the power of conversations to evangelize the partner ecosystem category, Nearbound.

Both companies will maintain independent teams, branding, databases, and activities. will host a joint project to get more resources into the hands of sales, marketing, and partnership leaders on how to layer Nearbound onto their sales and marketing GTM efforts.

We also dropped The Ultimate Guide to Driving Revenue with Nearbound Sales. It's the FIRST-EVER guide to driving revenue with Nearbound sales tactics.

Missed the event? Check out the replay here:

The future of GTM is here -> it’s Nearbound. On February 22nd, 2023 - Reveal & PartnerHacker announce their merger and paint the vision for 2023: NEARBOUND!

Read the press release here.

Enable your partners to achieve big goals

Starting a partner enablement program starts with 2 fundamentals:

1️⃣ Goals

They need to be high-level and have tight alignment with the overall goals of a partner program.

Every goal set should be able to answer the question... Why?

  • Why do 5 people at our partner need to have our certification?
  • Why is a webinar attendance of 50 people a critical KPI?
  • Why are we using micro-learning?

2️⃣ Audience

Your audience is the first critical step to building a program.

If you don't understand who is learning, why they're learning, what they do, and what you want them to be doing – you're just spinning your wheels.

Don't build the content you think is important. Build the content they'll think is important.

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD Jessie Shipman.

Partner led marketing means thinking like a journalist

It's not about getting our perspective out into the market. It's about getting the perspective of multiple people, sometimes with varying or different opinions or perspectives, in one piece of content and putting it out there, like a journalist would. – Peter Caputa, CEO Databox

Did you catch Pete Caputa on the Market[ing] Together podcast last Friday with Logan Lyles?

It's a must-listen for anyone who wants to take a partner-led approach to content marketing. Here's how Pete Caputa of Databox partnered up to get thousands of high-quality (and high-ranking) blog posts on his site:

  1. Outlined an angle he wanted for an article/blog post
  2. Asked questions about the topic on social media
  3. Created a survey to get stats for the article
  4. Hired freelancer writers to put the pieces together
  5. Published the piece and highlighted the contributors (made 'em famous)

Check out the full episode here:

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Every year Crossbeam reaches out to over 500 partner pros and asks them about the state of the partnership ecosystem. They publish the findings in their State of the Partner Ecosystem Report.

Here are a few stats from the report that will blow your mind:

  • Ecosystem-led growth strategies are more common and 84% of respondents feel supported by their companies.
  • Revenue is king. Partner-sourced revenue is the most popular KPI.
  • The average US partnerships salary increased by $18K to $195K β€” the largest leap since they began tracking.
  • Integration users are 58% less likely to churn because of partnerships.
  • Deals close 46% faster when a partner is involved.
  • Deals are 53% more likely to close when a partner is involved.

Download the full report here:

State of the Partner Ecosystem 2023 - Crossbeam
526 partnership professionals. 60 pages. One click. And it’s all yours.


  • Kiflo Roundtable: Driving Partner Meetings - Thursday, March 2nd, Β 11:00 AM (CST). Register here.
  • Learn Out Loud with Partner Pros - Tuesday, March 7th, 12 PM ET - We’ve created a space for partner professionals to come together and learn out loud. Join a roundtable discussion with Alexis Scott from WorkSpan. Space is limited. Register here.

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