PartnerHacker Daily #273: Ecosystem in Surround Sound

How does the new Go-To-Market work?

Outbound = Interrupt

Inbound = Attract

Nearbound = Surround

That about sums it up.

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD,  Jill Rowley.

Focus on quality and quantity

Channel myth buster: For most companies, it shouldn't be partner quality > quantity...

It needs to be quality AND quantity.

For example, if you offer a security software solution (there are 4,300 of them) and there are 1 million partners (true number) out influencing security decisions, having 100 wonderful partners isn't going to get you to your TAM.

The average B2B buyer has 7 partners they trust...are your recruitment targets too narrow?

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Jay McBain.

An ecosystem preserves trust

Our Chief Ecosystem Officer, Jared Fuller was recently on the
Partnerships in SaaS Podcast - with Barrett King.

Jared spoke about the concept of how an ecosystem must be self-sustaining; he said:

There's a reason why the word ecosystem is attached to the concept of partner and community. Ecosystem implies stability and resiliency.

In an ecosystem, there is reciprocity and interdependence.

An ecosystem means there's a circle versus a funnel. A funnel implies a transaction. Like a machine – inputs, and outputs

But with a funnel, the second you stop putting stuff on top, nothing's coming out of the bottom. In contrast, an ecosystem should be self-sustaining.

In an ecosystem, there must be interdependence, interoperability, sustainability, and resiliency.

Jared Fuller

To get more insights, check out the full podcast here:


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Quote of the Day

If partner leaders don't deliver outcomes, they get fired... We need to think about how to automate and scale from day one. Period. – Allan Adler

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