PartnerHacker Daily #275: Partner to Customer Pipeline

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Partnering can be easier than selling

TestBox built some early success by letting customers explore and buy the way they want to.

Sam Senior, CEO/Founder of TestBox shared a story on Scott Barker's blog about how they unlocked huge customers through partnerships.

Scott said:

It’s often easier to set up channel partnerships with large enterprise companies than it is to acquire them as a customer but, when done right, it can be a valuable entry point to convert them into paying customers.

Check out the post, and shout-out to Scott's excellent newsletter!

SEO is dying

Why SEO/SEM is declining, in less than 60 seconds:

In 2013, where could I go to search?

In 2023, where can I go to search?
-Tik Tok
-Slack communities


The reality is, people trust their NETWORK a lot more than the results they get from a random blog in Google.

So they’re going to other places like LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Instagram, Podcasts, YouTube, Slack & Discord communities, and more to get information on what initiatives to prioritize, what products to purchase, who to follow, etc.

This article talks about Gen Z, but I’ve been watching this happen with Millennials and Gen X for more than 5 years.

This is just the beginning. Everyone does this because it’s simply a better way to get information and make decisions.

People are still making the “search.” They’re just doing it in different places than Google now.

If your primary marketing strategy is still trying to capture existing market demand through SEO/SEM, you are vulnerable to slowed growth and declining market share.

Thanks for this section of today's PhD, Chris Walker.

Many Gen Zers don’t use Google. Here’s why they prefer to search on TikTok and Instagram.
“People want to hear from people — and there’s no place better for that than on TikTok,” wrote one Twitter user.

Partnerships aren't just about revenue

Not every great partnership is built on partner-sourced revenue.

Sometimes, the secret to a great partnership is filling a crucial feature gap.

Just make sure everyone in the partner org understands that that's the reason you're so valuable to them.

Thanks for the reminder, Rob Rebholz!


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Quote of the Day

For 40 years, we've been trying to measure, monitor and improve channels of distribution.... In the new market, in Neabound, there is no competition... In the new model, we're trying to measure and drive metrics toward the point of value. –  Jay McBain

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