PartnerHacker Daily #278: 50% Cost, 100% Returns

Never market alone

Marketing by yourself = 100% cost, 100% opportunity
Co-Marketing = 50% cost, 100% opportunity

Co-content creation creates relevant content that cuts through the noise of yet another direct-to-market message.
- Michael Graham

Just this.

A JVP is going to perform better than your VP.


It's more attractive & appealing.
It's going to see better returns.
It's. Just. Better.

Say your value prop is around tracking social media management. Which of these would you rather do?

- Work by yourselves to target HubSpot clients
- Work with HubSpot to target both sets of clients on how your platform integrates with HubSpot.

Stop going it alone; work with partners to accelerate your revenue.

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Chris Murray!

*We might add that you can often expand the opportunity by partnering. 50% cost, 200% opportunity?

Why most companies suck at marketing

Someone asked me why so much marketing sucks.

Gonna sound weird, but I think it's the metaphors.

The words we use put parameters on what we think is possible and how we perceive what we do. Most marketing language uses metaphors of war, with potential customers as the "target" of attack. No wonder they don't like it!

Re-setting the frame helps get us out of these worn patterns and activities, and living in market WITH customers and those they trust, instead of lobbing stuff at them, makes things a lot easier and more fun.

I'll leave the rest of my thoughts for you here:

Isaac Morehouse on marketing
The market isn't something you target; it's something you participate in. Click here to watch the whole video.

She accounted for 40% of the revenue at a $100M company

Jill Rowley is a legend in sales and marketing. She's always done things differently, and boy, does she have stories to tell!

Come get an inside scoop from someone who lived through the craziest twists and turns in SaaS.

This Friday, we're bringing you legends from B2B SaaS with battle wounds to prove their worth.

We'll be joined by the top generals of B2B SaaS: Jared Fuller, Pete Caputa, & Jill Rowley

These legends didn't get to the top by coasting. They will be sharing their most salient tips and tactics about how to fight and win the toughest battles in B2B SaaS.

Join us for free. Friday, March 10th, from 4-5 pm EST. Register now!


  • War Stories with Legends - Friday, March 10th - Kick back and hear tales of those who've fought the GTM battle and won. Listen to Jared Fuller gain insights from the legends of B2B SaaS: Pete Caputa and Jill Rowley. Register HERE, for free!

Meme of the Day

Thanks for the meme Chris Murray!

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