PartnerHacker Daily #279: Partnerships Aren't For the Faint of Heart

Partner leaders need to get their hands dirty.

I've talked with dozens of partnerships teams that claim:

• they're blocked by marketing
• their sales teams don't engage with partners
• product doesn't build the integration they want

There's a reason many successful partnership leaders were entrepreneurs before.

They'd do anything to win!

You can't open a door and then let product/marketing run the show.

Yes, you develop the strategy, but you also have to

• talk to every CSM at the partner org
• track all leads (in a spreadsheet if you have to)
• craft your own enablement sessions
• join sales calls and pitch on behalf of the partner
• update both leadership teams
• force accountability through regular check-ins.

Hope is not a strategy.
You make your own success.

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Franz-Josef Schrepf!

The CEO said no more agencies. And he sold and partnered with them anyway.

Pete Caputa built the agency program at HubSpot.

It's a genius move in hindsight.

But at the time, he had to fight internal battles.

Come get the stories of the early days of one of the best partner programs in the world and what it took to make it happen!

Join us for free at our event, War Stories With Legends.

Friday, March 10th, from 4-5 pm EST. Register now!

New partner pod episodes

Wow. Episode 100 of PartnerUp was incredible.

PartnerHacker co-founder, Jared Fuller tells his story about his journey to create PartnerHacker with Isaac Morehouse.

Jared is an incredible storyteller; it'll leave you wanting to hear more. Hopefully, there'll be a part II in the future. Check out the full episode on YouTube below, or check out all the ways you can listen on our site.

Don't miss the story about when Jared woke up to scorpions in his bed while building a previous company.
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Meet your customer where they are

According to the latest McKinsey & Company report, the B2B world has shifted. The is a need for a "big reframe' in B2B. Here are two takeaways for partner pros:

  1. Put the customer at the heart of growth.
    At PartnerHacker, we've said this again and again. It all starts with the customer.
    Why are partnerships great? Because customers demand them!
  2. Break the channel mindset.
    Customers no longer trust robotic automated sales processes. Partners need to learn to use trust and influence to drive results.
    Break the mold; try the partner-led approach.

MLB partners with SeatGeek

SeatGeek hit it out of the park when they partnered with the MLB last week. They'll become MLB's official ticket reseller. Check out the full article here:

MLB’s SeatGeek Resale Deal Includes $400M Minimum Guarantee
Major League Baseball has signed a resale ticketing partnership with SeatGeek, a five-year agreement that will pay MLB a minimum of $400 million, according to people familiar with the details. The …


  • War Stories with Legends - Friday, March 10th - Kick back and hear tales of those who've fought the GTM battle and won. Listen to Jared Fuller gain insights from the legends of B2B SaaS: Pete Caputa and Jill Rowley. Register HERE, for free!

Image of the Day

% of sales reps who hit quota in 2022
Reps who hit their sales quotas are down; it's time for a new GTM strategy in 2023. Thanks for the image Sahil Mansuri! 

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