PartnerHacker Daily #281: Less Talk, More Trust

Time to embrace the Nearbound motion

Most buyers prefer a rep-free buying experience, yet they also want to talk to a human during their purchasing journey.

What's the answer to this paradox?

Build trust through partnerships and influence.

People don't want to talk to sales reps because the reps haven't gained trust.

It’s time to partner up with those who've built trust through living in the market with your customers.

If you're reading this, you are the resistance

We're in an 80's techno-dystopian future, with all the ominousness it entails.

But there's always a way. A hero. A chance.

The only way out is together.

PL[X] 2023.

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SEBS is giving away a scholarship to partner pros in need

SEBS partner ecosystem education is offering scholarships to those affected by layoffs. SEBS hosts renowned professors such as Jay McBain to teach students the power of partnerships.

Schedule an appointment with co-founder Todd Hussey to learn about the scholarship.


  • Partnerships and Contracts: Navigating the Legal Jungle – Wednesday, March 15th, 2023 – How can you accelerate the partner acquisition process? Join Jared Fuller, Joseph Stoker, and Sylvain Mlodyszewski as they reveal the secrets to optimizing the technical aspects of partnering. Register here.

Quote of the Day

Your commission breath can be smelled a mile away and it doesn't smell good. – Amy Volas on the Sell[ing] Together Podcast

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