PartnerHacker Daily #282: How to Plan for Partner Success

The 5-Ps of partner success

Plan👉Preview👉Pilot 👉Prove 👉Program

1️⃣ Plan - Start with the outcome in mind and build a strategy that aligns with established company OKRs.

2️⃣ Preview - Create the business case around the outcomes management can expect to see once the end is achieved.

3️⃣ Pilot - Run experiments to find the plays and use cases that move the needle; focus on effectiveness, not efficiency.

4️⃣ Prove - Show pilot results with at least the leading indicators you outlined in the Preview.

5️⃣ Program - Build efficient, automated approaches to drive an EPS (efficient, predictable, scalable) revenue engine.

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Allan Adler.

What's keeping you from using account mapping tools?

Last week, Alexander Buckles put out a poll on LinkedIn about what's keeping you from using account mapping tools like Crossbeam or Reveal to tap your Nearbound opportunities. 35% of respondents said that lack of executive support kept them from using them.

Alexander Buckles

As partnership pros, we need to help executives understand how Nearbound GTM motions can leverage ALL the other GTM efforts.

Jared Fuller commented:

Jared Fuller's thoughts on Nearbound GTM

What do you think? Join the conversation by leaving a comment on Alexander's post.

CoHost partners with Clearbit for B2B stats on your podcast downloads

Podcasting is an amazing way to build trust with your audience. You get direct access to their ears 👂.

A new service launched by CoHost, allows B2B podcasters to get a wide range of analytics on their podcast listeners. CoHost says you can even see which B2B brands are listening to your podcast.

How are they doing this?

With a partnership, of course! Clearbit is powering these insights.

Check out the full story:

CoHost Unveils B2B Analytics to Empower Brands with Podcast Insights and Lead Generation Solutions
Podcast analytics and audience insights company partners with Clearbit for listener data


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Quote of the Day

The focus should not be on you; it should be on helping others succeed. – Shawn Li, VP of Partnerships at Flip

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