PartnerHacker Daily #283: GTM is About to Get Wild

The most effective GTM strategy right now

Nearbound is the most effective GTM strategy right now. The thing is, most who are doing it well do it almost instinctually, and those who want to do it don't yet know how.

It hasn't yet been teased out in a way that's easy to train and coach and plug into the tech stack and sales and marketing motions.

But it's being done right now as we speak by a few who recognize the commonalities between companies that are growing vs. those getting hammered.

We're at the beginning of the Nearbound era, where the things learned through intuition and trial and error are just beginning to solidify into repeatable strategies.

The next few years will be wild.

Nearbound is a word

Ademola, our Head of Production at PartnerHacker, is on a mission to make Nearbound a word. Below is his third video on his quest to change B2B vernacular.

Check it out:

Get Nearbound into the dictionary
Watch Adem chase his dream of getting the word, Nearbound, into the dictionary. Click here to watch.

Drive revenue NOW with your ecosystem

Have you read The Ultimate Guide to Driving Revenue with Nearbound Sales?

In it, Jill Rowley, Kevin Linehan & Jared Fuller deliver the tactics and processes to drive results through partnerships.

B2B legend Jill Rowley tells how she used Nearbound tactics before it was called Nearbound to sell 40% of the revenue of a company with more than $100M ARR.

She tells how partnering up with the right people helped her leverage trust and insight to catapult sales to the moon.

This booklet is dense. It has everything from onboarding partners to managing a partnership team. Highly tactical.

Download your free copy now.


  • Partnerships and Contracts: Navigating the Legal Jungle – Today at 11 AM EST / 4 PM CET – How can you accelerate the partner acquisition process? Join Jared Fuller, Joseph Stoker, and Sylvain Mlodyszewski as they give insight into the best practices of partnering. Register here.

Quote of the Day

Great GTM never beats great partnerships.
-- Jared Fuller. Cold. Hard. Truth.

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