PartnerHacker Daily #287: Don't Swim Against the Current

Partner marketing often fails

Not because your campaign wasn't good...

But because you swam against the partner marketing stream.

Imagine the buyer's journey as a river:

  • Customer first buys their CRM.
  • Then, their webinar platform generates leads.
  • Finally, a tool to launch post-event feedback surveys.

If you are a webinar platform, your survey integration partners won't send you any new customers.


Because by the time a customer floats down into their inbox, they already have a CRM and Webinar platform!

Upstream partners talk to your ideal customers before the current pushes them past you.

Cast your co-marketing net in the right place. 🎣

Shout out to Ben Wright for the river metaphor! 🌊

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD Franz-Josef Schrepf.

Partnering is the ultimate hack

If partnering up is the ultimate hack and greatest cheat code, then is partnering with PartnerHacker full-on godmode 🤔 ?

RevGenius has partnered up on our Sell[ing] Together podcast with Jessie Shipman.

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RevGenius partners with selling together
Thanks for the shoutout Jared Robin!

The Ultimate Guide to Driving Revenue with Nearbound Sales

Are you wondering how to actually put Nearbound strategies into practice? We wrote the Ultimate Guide to Driving Revenue with Nearbound Sales so that you can start driving revenue with Nearbound tactics.

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  • Reveal - Australia Partnerships Event - March 23 6PM – Join Reveal's VP of Partnership Activation, Antoine Roubaud, Sally Van der Linden, and Jobadder Partnership Manager Shuba Paheerathan, plus some of Australia's brightest B2B partnership professionals for an evening of learning and networking. Register here.
  • Firneo - How to Kick-Ass in Your First Partnerships Role - Wednesday, March 29th, 12 – 1 PM ET – Learn practical, tactical insights to conquer your new role so you can start putting wins on the board immediately. Register here.
  • PartnerXperience Partnerships Meetup Berlin March 29th - This event is for Partnership Professionals, who would like to connect, learn and exchange best practices on how to build successful partnerships with other peers. Register here.
  • InFUUSE – The Future of Business: Unleashing the Ecosystem Blueprint to Redefine Growth – Thursday, March 30th, 5 PM EST – Join Jared Fuller and an incredible panel of futurists, disruptors, innovators, and dreamers for an electrifying virtual round table to discuss the future of business. Learn why Nearbound is the GTM blueprint. Register here.
  • Kiflo Roundtable: Partner Onboarding – Thursday, March 30th, 11 AM CDT – Join Juhi Saha, CEO of Partner1, Jennifer Snyder, Senior Director of Channel Partnerships at, and Shawnie Hamer, Head of Marketing & Partner Marketing at Kiflo as they tackle partner onboarding. Register here.

Image of the Day

The Partner Marketing River
Thanks for the image Franz-Josef Schrepf!

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