PartnerHacker Daily #300: An Excuse to Get Wild πŸŽ‰

Milestone time!!!

Yes, we celebrated our 100th PartnerUp episode.

Yes, we celebrated the 100th and 200th PhD.

Yes, we celebrated our one-year anniversary.

Here we are, with another milestone.

And you know what? We're gonna celebrate again πŸŽ‰.

Early in my startup journey, I was talking to an investor about every loss, every setback, and all the ways we were behind or falling short of our goals. Yeah, we had some wins, but I wasn't thinking about those.

He told me, Β 

You've got to take the time to celebrate every win and milestone, no matter how small.

In this biz, you feel the losses - and there are a lot of them! So take time to mark out and celebrate the wins whenever you can.

So, sure, we've celebrated a bunch of milestones already in our one-year history, but we're gonna celebrate again. We've put together 300 of these babies and we have over 5,000 amazing subscribers.

We love you guys.

The PhD is about you.

We're here to highlight the best stuff happing in B2B SaaS. Thanks for letting us shine a light on YOUR voice.

Thank you for coming along for the journey as we seek to create a world where everyone can win together.

We can't wait till the next excuse for a celebration!

Get partners involved in co-marketing

After switching from sales to marketing, Aurthur Castillo realized the one thing most marketers don't do is...JUST ASK.

Most marketers DO want to get involved.

Most companies DO want to co-market.

There's strength in numbers.

If you're looking to do more co-marketing, Arthur made it crystal clear with Logan Lyles on the Marketing Together Podcast.

All you have to do to get started is:

1️⃣ Identify low-hanging fruit (top-tier customer overlap)

2️⃣ Ask

Check out the episode and subscribe to get a 5-minute summary of the BEST co-marketing information weekly.

Arthur Castillo on the Marketing Together Podcast.
Listen to Arthur Castillo on the Marketing Together Podcast.

Design the partner perfect architecture

What are the key principles involved in the ideal partnering reference architecture?

Brian Hattaway lays it out for us in his latest guest op-ed.

Here are the 5 basic principles involved in the ideal partner reference architecture:

  1. Your CRM is the center of your partnering universe (a.k.a The Partnerverse). You've gotta have a system for keeping track of everything.
  2. You have to modify your CRM and/or your procedures to manage partnerships effectively.
  3. Data is the currency of power in partnerships. Everything MUST integrate with your CRM.
  4. Quality reporting should be automatic.
  5. Scalability is a critical design feature. Automation, support from your team, and performance metrics can help you scale.

Stay tuned, Brian Hattaway is going to take us on a journey through each one of these in the coming weeks.

Introducing the Partnering Reference Architecture
What are the key principles involved in the ideal partnering reference architecture? Over the next few weeks, I will share the principles of good partnership systems design. I’ll show you the guidelines, principles, and standards that are needed to set up a scalable partnering program. I’ve learne…


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  • Firneo - Now - April 14th - Β Applications are being accepted for Certified Partnerships Professional Spring 2023 cohort. Learn the frameworks and tactics to excel in every facet of your partnerships role. Apply now.

Video of the Day

Create mutual success meme.
When a partner doesn't want to create joint success before exchanging leads 🀣. Check out the latest stream of hilarious partner vids from Daniela Garcia.

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