PartnerHacker Daily #306: Don't Be Normal

It's okay to be weird

Damn, I feel grateful.

I was driving around doing some errands the other day, and I turned on the latest Marketing Together Podcast with Logan Lyles and Cory Snyder.

The partnerships movement and the Nearbound industry have come so far.

Sure, we have a long road ahead.

Sure, it’s still young despite the majority of world trade is indirect.

Sure, we may be weirdos to some.

But if helping first is weird, then I never wanna be normal.

Logan is a phenomenal host, only 6 months into the partner journey, but a master on the mic with hundreds of podcasts under his belt.

Cory is a seasoned vet, showing up to every team leadership meeting (sales, marketing, success) and forcing their hand not by asking them to support partnerships, but by helping them with their goals.

When we started PartnerHacker and well before that, my first podcast, this wasn’t normal.

The conversations years back in B2B tech felt strange and lonely.

Now, we have a network of shows, communities, events, newsletters, socials, websites, videos, books, and so much more.

Yes, it’s hard out there for GTM teams right now, but we’ve partnered with people who've never been more equipped for this moment. It’s our time to step up and help fix it.

I’m so lucky to get to listen to shows like this.

Because when I started in partnerships, there wasn’t a damn thing like it.

Hope it helps y’all.

- Jared Fuller

Resilience comes from an intertwined ecosystem

Will Taylor on the Make Them Famous Podcast
Check out this clip from the Make Them Famous Podcast.

Our Head of Partnerships, Will Taylor, was recently on the Make Them Famous Podcast with Alex Glenn of Partnerhub.

They talk about what it means to be partner-led. Will described the partner ecosystem as a forest; he had this to say:

The B2B ecosystem is like a forest with intertwined roots. When a tornado comes through (or there's this economic downturn), then the businesses that have these interwoven roots, they're less likely to be uprooted.

Check out the full episode on Spotify here.

Partnerships are positive-sum

Stop thinking zero-sum; let’s increase the pie.

Zero-Sum: Somebody seeking the greatest gain for themselves will be seeking the maximum loss for the other person.

Positive-Sum: We’re adding to the size of the pie, meaning there are more spoils for everyone to share.

Let’s lift this space together - the pie is only in its infancy right now.

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Jared Robin!


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  • HubSpot x Reveal - How to be Successful in a Large Ecosystem - April 25, 2023, from 2pm - 2:45pm EST - Learn how HubSpot's app partners have driven more revenue and increased retention by investing in the HubSpot ecosystem. Register here.
  • Contractbook x Aptitude 8 x Reveal - Leveraging Nearbound Data with HubSpot – April 26th, 2023, from 3pm-4pm EST. Join Connor Jeffers of Aptitude 8, Per Allin of Contractbook, and Jared Fuller as they share how to unpack the secrets of Nearbound data so you can win in 2023. Register here.
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Meme of the Day

Meme. G2 badges come out.
Congrats Contractbook on being named Leader in Contract Management Software in Europe 🎉!

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