PartnerHacker Daily #312: Drive Revenue Together

Your customer doesn't care whose name is on the solution - so partner up!

I love the idea of invisible tools.

Nobody's excited if they have to log into yet another platform.

People aren't keen to change their routines and habits.

But what if we stop optimizing for KPIs like daily active users (DAUs) and rather optimize for the user experience?

That means bringing your functionalities into the platforms users already use, like Slack or Salesforce.

I'm not just talking about pushing updates into Slack, I'm talking about bringing key features into Slack.

Next time you think about your platform, don't think about your goals (like DAUs) and think more about the customer experience.

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Rob Rebholz!

Let's drive revenue, together

I talked with 250+ CMO’s last week…

Finding their path through the new world of “discipline” (finance) and “disruption” (A.I.)…

But the common theme for why we all met up was simple: Driving Revenue Together — Nearbound. Partnerships.

While I’m not in their seat right now, here’s what I think makes this complex topic simple:

The revenue contribution from partners relies on a company’s ability to adopt Nearbound activities in EACH department.

--> Let’s assume we can make it simple, with 1/3 revenue from:
◘ Outbound
◘ Inbound
◘ Nearbound

The only way we drive 33% of IMPACT from Nearbound Marketing is if we dedicate 33% of all Marketing EFFORTS to working with partners.

There's no such thing as results without effort. Output without input. A channel without activities.

So… what activities, motions, and efforts should marketing teams make to drive 1/3 activity for 1/3+ result?

What should marketers care about right now related to driving revenue together with partners to hit that 1/3 revenue contribution from Nearbound?

I’m finalizing the Partner Led [Marketing] Day for PLX and want to know, what motions do we need to teach the market and develop?  

Leave a comment on LinkedIn.

-- Jared Fuller

Don't kill your partner program

Sometimes you need to make changes to your partner program, but that doesn't mean you should kill it!

Last week, I reached out to you on LinkedIn to get your thoughts on partnerships in a down economy.

Aaron Howerton had this to say:

Sometimes you need to make changes in your mix up and you need to make changes in your partner makeup.  

How you go about it is everything!

If you're upfront and honest, you give partners the opportunity to choose to go along with you during your changes.
Aaron Howerton - Should you kill your partner program
Check out Aaron Howerton's full response to my question about changing your partner program.

How to be successful in a large ecosystem

Today, from 2pm - 2:45pm EST, learn how HubSpot's app partners have driven more revenue and increased retention by investing in the HubSpot ecosystem.

Join Jared Fuller, Ivana Applegate, Graham Collins, Louis Dumortier, and Marina Barsoum as they discuss best practices for driving revenue from tech partnerships.

Register here.

HubSpot x Reveal Event - How to be succesful in a large ecosystem


  • HubSpot x Reveal - How to be Successful in a Large Ecosystem - Today, from 2pm - 2:45pm EST - Learn how HubSpot's app partners have driven more revenue and increased retention by investing in the HubSpot ecosystem. Register here.
  • Contractbook x Aptitude 8 x Reveal - Leveraging Nearbound Data – April 26th, 2023, from 3pm-4pm EST. Join Connor Jeffers of Aptitude 8, Per Allin of Contractbook, and Jared Fuller as they share how to unpack the secrets of Nearbound data so you can win in 2023. Register here.
  • Partner Playbooks - April 27th, 11 AM CT – The Event Led Playbook for Partner Managers & Marketers! Mark Kilens (CMO of Airmeet) is meeting up with Justin Zimmerman (Partner Playbooks) to share how managers and marketers can drive leads, sales, and new partners with events and webinars! Register here.
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Meme of the Day

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TFW you decide to partner up on your first event.

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