PartnerHacker Daily #315: Trust is the New Data

One year ago, I stood on a table...

And launched a movement.

Not a “category,” but something more ambitious and, hopefully, meaningful:

A world where everyone can win together.

In 2006, Clive Humby boldly proclaimed that “data is the new oil.”

Hard to say he wasn’t right. He was. But boy, have things changed since then.

As we saw last year into this year, we’re overwhelmed with noise, not just data.

Every single review site: 4.7 stars! 😂. Misinformation. Disinformation. Listicle drivel.

Not to mention the average American receives 400-10,000 ad impressions PER DAY!

It’s driven us mad.

Now, we no longer look for answers with “how do I,” questions; we instead look for answers with “who do I” questions.

Who has done the thing I’m trying to do?

Who has been to the place I’m trying to go?

Who can I trust?

Data was the new oil, but now trust is the new data.

Jared's speach on table at SaaS Connect
Last year, we launched a movement. A movement to build a world where everyone in B2B can win – together. Click here to watch.

Time to rethink your partner portal

The average partner has to manage 20-30 portals 🤯 🤯

We shouldn’t call them partner portals, but vendor portals.

Because there’s nothing partner-centric about them.

1️⃣ Inefficient process of logging in and out to different portals for partners

2️⃣ Near impossible to find what they need

3️⃣ Poor UX (+ the UX is different in every portal)

If you really care about your partners, you should put their experience first.

Stop demanding your partners to log in to your siloed portal.

Join open platforms with top-level channel integrity and security standards where partners can interact with multiple brands.

The partners will love it, and the benefits for you will be enormous.

Partner engagement with crucial channel activities like enablement, co-marketing, and co-selling will increase significantly, leading to higher partner revenue growth.

The partners are sick of portals; embrace it, and serve them the way they want to be served.

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Rick van den Bosch!


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Meme of the Day

Everybody gets a partner portal meme.
Thanks for the meme Rick van den Bosch!

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