PartnerHacker Daily #316: Surround Sound

Make everything more effective

Nearbound surrounds all GTM motions.

It makes all of them vastly more effective. It drives ROI way up.

Nearbound layered onto outbound, for example, means getting the answers to the test from those who've been there and already have trust at every step in the cycle.

Nearbound layered onto inbound means bringing the right people in to the content at the right time, again, to tap into those buyers already trust.

Nearbound layers onto events, community, product, channel, etc. and recognizes the reality of the world we live in:

We are past the era where buyers ask "How?", and we are living in the era where buyers ask "Who?"

Who do I trust to help me solve X? Who has been where I want to go?

We need to be working with that "Who" at every step, and in EVERY motion.

Nearbound is a way of seeing from your buyer's perspective. How do they actually make decisions, and who do they actually trust?

Without Nearbound, you're going to look like every other company yelling "me, me, me" with little to no trust, no matter which motion you yell through.

With Nearbound, you're building on a foundation of trust that already exists.

Partner Up right – get The PartnerHacker Handbook

For the past 20+ years, B2B has been driven by one thing: data.

But customers are done with data. They’re drowning in data.

When it’s time to buy, customers aren’t going to take your word that you’re the best solution to their problem.

They’re going to turn to online reviews, influencers, colleagues, and their network to decide if you’re worth their dollar.

They’re going to talk to the people they trust.

And that’s what the PartnerHacker Handbook is about.

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The PartnerHacker Handbook
Download the PartnerHacker Handbook.

Get buy-in on partnerships

Stakeholder buy-in is the most important thing in order to get partnerships to work. - Fredrik Mellander on PartnerUp 107

You need to find the ambassadors to help you fight the partnerships battle with you.

That'll create a ripple effect that allows you to get that broader reach throughout the rest of the organization.

Listen to Fredrik talk about the importance of buy-in:

Fredrik Mellander on PartnerUp
Click here to listen to Fredrik Mellander on PartnerUp 107.


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Image of the Day

How to engage everyone in your ecosystem
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