PartnerHacker Daily #35: When not to Measure

Don’t measure it, maximize it.


It's a lot like “brand.”

Brand is to marketing as influence is to ecosystem.

You can spend forever debating how to measure it.

Or you can just do it. And everything changes.

Our friends over at Crossbeam recently released a blog post with links to 25 articles showing the business impact of Partnerships.

In it are statistics like:

  • 34% Higher ACV on deals with partners
  • 1/3 of business Atlassian’s business involves partners
  • 40% higher average order value with partners
  • 3X upsell with partners
  • 50% of revenue
  • 300% growth through co-innovation

If you haven’t been convinced up to this point that ecosystems are the way forward, dig a little deeper into this article, and then do a sly under the door slide to your CEO.

Contributed by Jessie Shipman.

Quote of the Day

"[N]ature doesn't acknowledge frontiers. Neither can ecology... Where to begin to understand what we've only got a computerspeak label for, ecosystem? Where to decide it begins.”

― Nadine Gordimer

Be "that person"

The one who was talking ecosystems and partnerships way before it was cool. Pass along PhD to your friends.

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