PartnerHacker Daily #36: Put the Cookie Down

Marketing struggles lead to the partner moment.

Before we get into today's PhD, a BIG congrats is in order

And the winner is...(*drumoll*)

Justin Zimmerman!

With well over 200 votes, Justin Zimmerman is our winner for the Supernode VIP giveaway! PartnerHacker teamed up with Crossbeam to offer a free ticket, travel, and hotel to a (non-exec) partnerships professional.

Nominations were made on this LinkedIn post, and votes made via likes.

Thank you to everyone who participated!  

Congrats Justin!

Now back to your regularly scheduled partnerships programming...

Marketing is in a tough spot.

Many of the tools that took marketers to a new level in the digital era are losing ROI. Some are getting scrapped altogether, as consumers and regulators revolt.

(And I don't think the answer is to move to AI generated faces for fake LinkedIn profiles).

Partner leaders have a chance to become the CMO's best friend.

How better to get your product into your market than through the products, communities, and activities your customers are already engaging with?

The ecosystems strategy isn't just some nice add-on to sales and marketing. It IS sales and marketing. Buyer behavior is changing. And when that changes, strategy must follow.

No better time to pass the partner-pill!

This new book looks worth a read!

Jay McBain posted about it:

There have been a number of really good books published lately around the decade of the ecosystem. This one by Robert Glazer and Matthew Wool turns the lens on partner marketing and how smart companies are paying for business outcomes versus clicks and likes. In the post-cookie world, this is a must read for channel professionals.

And this from Matthew Gilbert, CEO of Partnerize:

"Moving to Outcomes powerfully highlights that the needs of the marketer have never been more aligned with what our category is capable of delivering. Brand marketing and performance marketing are converging quickly, driven by the fundamental change of the power shift from the brand to the consumer. The growth channels of paid social and paid search have reached the point of diminishing returns and C-suite marketers are recognizing that their go forward growth engine will be built on sustainable, profitable marketing partnerships."

This stuff is right up the PartnerHacker alley!

Adding to the list.

Meme of the Day

Sometimes it's terrifying being an innocent customer out there.

Best book you've read recently?

Doesn't even have to be partnerships related.

If you liked it, email us and tell us about it! Thinking about adding a "What PhD readers are reading" section from time to time.

Don't be shy, hit reply!

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