PartnerHacker Daily #37: What Does an MVP in Partnerships Look Like?

Have a long-term plan, but prove it with a quick first step.

How quickly can you prove value?

You might assume that an MVP is different in partnerships, but it's not.

No one really knows what's going to resonate.

You can make educated inferences, but by using the lightweight stuff to gain market feedback, you save yourself time, effort, and capital.

It's all about allowing the momentum to guide your efforts and focus.

If you want more on MVPs and partnerships, Chris Samila, today's PartnerUp guest shared his take.

NEW PartnerUp:

It's the big five-0 for the PartnerUp podcast and in the spirit of that milestone, Chris Samila, Crossbeam's VP of Partnerships, goes in deep.

Meme of the Day:

Time to celebrate 50 episodes!

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