PartnerHacker Daily #39: Why So Negative?

The sales process isn't as neat and tidy as we wish.

GTE and changing personas

When sales enablement teams build out personas, a widespread practice is to also build out a negative persona - the persona that sales teams should steer clear of.

Does a Go To Ecosystem approach reduce the scope of the negative persona?

The focus of sales is shifting away from just gaining leads and closing deals. It's shifted to helping people to solve business problems through an orchestrated ecosystem of players. Enablement teams can help sales ask the right questions to determine who in the customer ecosystem can help solve the problem - even if it's not a potential customer.

Personas previously seen as negative may turn out to be valuable. This expands the number of possible allies in the market, and ushers in an era of human-centered sales.

"Sequential sales processes no longer reflect the buying motion"

Check out this great chart, courtesy of Winning by Design, of sales assumptions versus sales reality:

Why won't customers just fit into the boxes!?

I bet if you zoomed out further and followed all those arrows, you'd start to get a picture of something that looks more like an ecosystem than a funnel.

Good sales people know the buyer journey isn't as simple as org charts and internal processes would like it to be.

Great sales people know that winning requires working with biz dev and partnerships to ensure the customer isn't just connecting directly in linear fashion, but being surrounded by partners and influencers all along the winding way.

Stats of the Day

  • Facebook ad prices have tripled in the last 2 years
  • Meta’s attribution metrics are off by 30%-50% since Apple introduced its Ad Tracking Transparency framework


Opportunity brewing

There are a lot of people who don't yet see the massive change that's coming for partnerships. Who's one person who CAN'T miss out? (Maybe a sales or marketing person who's feeling the pinch?) Send them the PhD and we'll tell them why!

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