PartnerHacker Daily #40: Sell Me

The future of sales is partnerships.

Resist the, 'I told you so!'

The partnership moment is real. The marketing to sales funnel approach needs rethinking. CEOs, CROs, CMOs, and sales leaders are feeling it.

If you're a partner professional, you probably feel vindicated. You've not been fully appreciated, and now you're becoming more needed than ever.

There's a temptation to fall into vindictive triumph. But it won't help you or make you happy!

Instead, gladly seize the opportunity to come alongside your colleagues and figure out how to make them more successful with an ecosystems and partnerships approach.

The future of sales is partnerships

Godfather of martech (and recent PartnerUp guest) Scott Brinker shares an interesting highlight from a McKinsey piece on B2B sales:

Allan Adler thinks sales leaders are at about the "5-10% level" in terms of starting to get what he calls the Go to Ecosystem approach.

It's early, and sales orgs may not be there yet, but the trend is moving in the right direction and it seems to be accelerating.

Like we mentioned earlier this week about marketing orgs, sales professionals are feeling the pinch too, as direct tactics get noisier.

Time to partner up!

Quote of the Day

“You want to be a BD professional at a company where partnerships are important. And they're only going to be important if they're making up - directly or indirectly - a significant part of the company's revenue at the end of the day.”

-- Cristina Cordova

Enjoy your weekend!

Oh, and share PhD with your friends. ;-)

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