PartnerHacker Daily #42: Your Seat At The Table

Limited seats

You want a seat at the table, of course you do, but there’s a difference between being at the table, and being a valuable member of the table.

If you want to be a valuable member, lean into two things: grit and curiosity.

Your grit, commitment, and work ethic will move you forward, and your curiosity will illuminate the right directions to move in.

You have to offer new insights, connect new dots, and ask new questions.

NEW PartnerUp

Today’s PartnerUp guest, Rob Brewster, is no stranger to earning his spot at the table.

After an illustrious career in software (that began as a waiter...ahem...'Food and Beverage Sales Professional"), he has advice to aspiring SaaS leaders, insight into the different levels of business dealings, and thoughts on being a partner decision-maker.

Really an amazing convo!

Click here

Meme of the Day

Share the goods

When you spread partner information and spark partnership conversations, you create more value for your organization.

Become a certified partnerships master

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If you’re a beginner or looking to make a transition into BD & Partnerships, this may be the course for you.

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