PartnerHacker Daily #45: (Sorry!) Who Should You Report to?

It's not so easy to decide where the partner org should live. But it can fight the forces of entropy!

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Who should partner leaders report to?

Sunir Shah makes the case on this PartnerUp episode that they should report to marketing.

Allan Adler makes the case they should report to the CEO.

I tend to agree with Allen, but it's an interesting discussion, especially during this transitional phase.

I think sales is the least aligned in today’s world. (Fight me if you want!)

Ideally, I believe you should have a distributed partner team that reports into every department.

With some centralized resources under the Ecosystem or Partner Chief to facilitate the Partner Journey, Experience, and cross-functional collaboration between departments.

But that's me.

If you have strong opinions about this, we'd love to hear 'em!

Ecosystems to fight entropy

Allan Adler has been doing some great, short daily videos on LinkedIn.

Recently, he had one that connected the Second Law of Thermodynamics to an ecosystems approach to business:

Read the full post and watch the video here.

It's a great concept!

Closed systems inevitably decay.

But open, polycentric systems with complex networks are really hard to kill.

Become one, and you can beat back entropy.

Totally Random Pic of the Day

Found on Jared's phone without context. No one can remember where he saw it, or why he took it, but we all found it interesting!

Source: Jared's phone?

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